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(The Information Below Only Applies If You Prefer A No Contact Appointment)

If you prefer a flexible, no contact appointment, please fill out our "no contact" form. We will need access to your irrigation controller either through an open door or garage code. Let our technicians know where your controller is located and if you have any special notes or directions for them. Please let us know how we can accommodate you by filling out our form (below).

Step 1

The day before your scheduled appointment, locate the manifold system for your water supply to your home (usually inside of your utility room). Locate the shut off valve to the backflow prevention device that goes to the outside of your home. Turn off the shut off valve. This will turn off the water to the backflow prevention device.

Step 2

In summary, all we need to service you without you being home is:


1. Your water needs to be off.


2. We need access to your irrigation controller.

Step 3

Friendly Neighborhoods Earn Rewards

*Promotion applies to new customer referrals only.

Refer neighbor(s) to TerraCare and you both receive $5 off your sprinkler blowouts!

Schedule by September 13th and be entered into our annual drawing for a FREE sprinkler blowout!

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